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Random thoughts

  1. Who drives legalization? CEX and Institution because they want to play fair and square
    Who gets the most from legalization? DEX because people tend to avoid TAX
  2. If we only look at technical analysis perspective to make a decision, that mean we’ve passed by the most important element: business implementation.
  3. Then, you are just purely focus on the price. It can’t explain anything.
  4. If you can’t understand a business by yourself, try to deep dive in it, use any mean to get to know more about it. Try to figure it out.
  5. Deeply understand something give you the confident to buy and hodl, not anyone else.
  6. I was incompetent! It was the past.
  7. “The price is too high!”. Try to look into the future. Be rational, don’t be a dreamer.

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